Personal Server Community

Run Your Apps At Home


Owning and managing your own server as an individual is possible. It gives you access to the benefits of the cloud while giving you more control. It enables new usages related to your data, compromising neither your free will nor your privacy.

Nevertheless there is some work needed to make it trivial. That's why the goal of the personal server community is to improve and promote this practice. Our actions take three aspects:


  • Highlight and curate content, hardware, and software that can be used to build your server.
  • Organise events to gather people interested by the subject and run install party.
  • Develop software focused on personal usages and facilitating their hosting


We will look to make everything simple as possible. We will prioritize efficiency over exhaustivity. We will provide clear documentation and articles. Nevertheless we will talk to tech-savy people. It's too early to make mainstream tool and articles for the moment.

We don't have any problems to use proprietary cloud softwares. We use the best tools available. Building something new is hard, we want to put all the chances on our side.

Our aim is to build a non-profit organization that will rely on benevolent contribution, crowdfunding and product-based business models. Discussions will happen in the public space, code will be free and open source and our finance will be transparent.